Event to happen every so often

Hi everyone! I'm trying to make it so they can only do X twice every time they do Y.

I have a function that counts the day it is, by adding one to the date every time they sleep, and I want the player to only be able to ask for something from an NPC twice a day. Atm all they have to do is go up to them and talk to them and the NPC will ask if they want an apple, but I want to limit this to two apples a day. How do I do it?

Thank you!

If I were you I probably would create a variable or attribute, let's call it x_num, which is an integer. This x_num is the number of apples the player has taken in a day. It starts at 0 each day, and every time the player asks for an apple, the x_num will increase by 1. It's going to be put on the asking script, and before the day ends, the x_num will return to 0. Oh, and don't forget to add the if script for the NPC not to give the player any more apple if x_num = 2

'Ask' action script

if (x_num = 2) {
  msg ("I'm sorry, I'm out of apples")
else { 
  // NPC giving player apple
  x_num = x_num + 1

I don't know if it's going to work tho, others might come up with better idea

Thank you!

Your welcome!

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