Game Won't Load (Online Version)

After the publishing issue was resolved, I published my update and now I'm having many people message me saying that the game refuses to load online for them.

People who have downloaded the game have no issue.

I've tried myself and the game sits on "Loading..." forever, and nothing occurs.

What could be causing this problem?

I’m having the same problem, my game doesn’t load on the online version, but it works fine on editing version.

My game loads perfectly fine while I'm editing it. Also the same thing. "Loading..." and that's all it does. I left it sit there for over 10 minutes and it never changed. I don't understand why because it works perfectly fine any other way.

I have uploaded a new version of the desktop that might sort this. You will need to download Quest again, re-install, open your game in the editor, publish and upload again.

Mine was created online. It works when I test it and when I download it. It just doesn't work from the browser after it's published.

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