Error Code when trying to playtest my game [Solved]


I'm almost done with the dialogue for my indev game, and I wanted to test it. When I tried, however, the game didn't load and I got a popup with the following message:

Error launching game: Could not load file or assembly ‘CefSharp.Core.dll’ or one of its dependencies. Not enough memory resources are available to process this command. (Exception from HRESULT: 0x80070008)

This isn't the first time it's happened; now and then the game will get this error when attempting to playtest, but mostly it doesn't.

Anyone know what that means and, more importantly, how I can stop it from happening again?

So, after quickly browsing the error code, it seems like the issue is indeed not having enough memory.

Which is wierd, to say at least. If you do everything properly, it should be nigh-impossible to get any PC assembled after 1990 out of memory with a plain text adventure.

I guess the issue lies in the direct link library, or one of it's dependencies then. Have you modified it (or anything related to it) in your game? The best way to get such errors is having some sort of recursive or otherwise faulty code at a place where the compilers and usual fail-safes don't catch them.

Else, your CefSharp.Core could be glitched for whatever reason, downloading Quest again should fix this.

Can you give any more info on the issue though? Especially as it isn't alyways happening, as you described it.

Task Manager...
What does it report for memory use?


Zesc - I didn't modify anything in the direct link to my knowledge. And I don't think I have anything infinitely recursive.

I wish I could give more info, but I really don't know why it sometimes does and doesn't glitch - it seems to be entirely random. I'll try re-downloading quest and see if that works.

DarkLizerd - When I first start the game, Task manager is reporting Quest 32bit at 336.1 MB. It went up to a max of 460 MB as I tested some boss fights.

this probably has nothing to do with your error... so only try the below as a last resort if all others' help (hopefully others will try to help you with this error) doesn't work for you

in the far past (many many years ago), sometimes on older computers (and/or with the older versions of quest), and/or if people just didn't do so (or computer didn't automatically do so for you), sometimes, these type of errors, were fixed by updating your MS '.net' framework files on your computer/device

google search: microsoft .net
google search: microsoft .net framework
or, just click on this link:


Gonna mark this as solved, since I now know what's causing the error. Due to the random nature of the bug, I won't be able to know if I truly did 'fix' it, though. Thanks all for the help!

Aww c'mon!

You can't tease us like this and then not tell us what exactly was causing it.

But in all seriousness, in case other people experience similar issues, they could look here to see what was your problem and how you solved it.

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