Problem with moving player with script

Hello guys,

i'm finishing my first game and I have a problem with moving player character with script. I need that because I want to play different sound for each exit, so I must do it with script bound with exit. But if I choose to move player with script instead of automatically, it just don't do anything.

I read some previous topics on that matter and my player character type isn't room but male character named.

In my current game, Lathan's Gold, (soon to be released) I use this command quite a bit.
In code, it's: MoveObject (player, S02)
This will move the player to room S02.
In UI, select:
Move object
in the object box, select player
in the to object box, select the room to move the player to.

I do exactly that and it's not working. That's the problem.


Just a guess. Instead of this:

MoveObject(player, room)


MoveObject(game.pov, room)

If you can control any object other than player in the game, this is probably the fix. Otherwise, we'll probably need to see a little code to be able to help.

Thanks man... it finally works.

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