Compatibility web <-> Desktop

Hello everyone.

A simple question (I think)

Some features are only available in the Desktop version as stated in the docs.

But what does that mean?
Is it just a matter of not being able to do certain things when you are using the web editor?
Or does it mean that a game created in the Desktop version might not be able to play correctly online, if these features are used?


It is just the editor that is different.

That said, on-line playing can be slower because of the lag, and I would advise against having timers and events firing more frequently than every half a minute.

Also, when you upload, save the game, and then play from the saved game to check all is well. There were issues with more elaborate UIs in earlier versions; they should be resolved but do check.

Oh, and there is a 20 Mb size limit for uploads.

But the code runs the same!

just to add to pixie's post:

you can do everything but you won't have some of the GUI/Editor's features/controls/options for them, instead you'll ahve to use scripting to do what you want, which we can help you with, if you don't know coding/scripting and/or can't learn it, and/or don't want to learn it, lol.


Sounds good.

So I don't have to choose up front whether the game will ultimately live online or not.

(And I am not afraid of scripting :-))

online of course has it's online/networking issues: compatibility, speed/lag/latency/timing, etc etc etc

(making multi-player games online is not easy: got to really know networking, to get the timing working well and reduce latency and errors/compatibility-issues as much as possible, lol)

(which is why Pixie suggested to stay away from using the quest timing features: the 'Timer' Elements and etc stuff)

but otherwise, they're the same, if you can do/know its scripting

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