Changing character descriptions

Hi guys!
I'm just wondering if it's possible to change your character's description during the course of a game? That is, choose something which changes the "look at me" command result?

I would bet "yes".
I code view, under player, there is an entry like this:

<attr name="pov_look"><

that has the player description.
Changing "pov_look" should change the player's description.

I think it would be:
player.pov_look="You now have green hair!"

(From memory, I could be wrong)

You want to change the look attribute.
An object's pov_look controls what the "look at me" description is if the player later becomes that object; changing it on the current player I think won't work.

the 'look' String/Script Attribute is for any non-room Object, that you're NOT currently controlling

the 'pov_look' String/Script Attribute is for any Object that you're currently controlling

the 'description' String/Script Attribute is for any Room Object

the 'look' vs 'pov_look' causes people confusion, for some examples:

if you setup the 'look' String/Script Attribute on the 'player' Player Object (and you're not switching control over to another Player Object), you'll never see it, as it's the 'pov_look' String/Script Attribute that is used, NOT the 'look' String/Script Attribute

so, you got to set up the 'pov_look' String/Script Attribute, if you want to see it for the Player Object you're currently controlling

like-wise, if you're switching control between 2 (or more) Player Objects, you got to set both the 'pov_look' and the 'look' String/Script Attributes, so that you'll see whatever when you're controlling that Player Object and whatever when you're not controlling that Player Object (should your two Player Objects be able to encounter / interact with each other)

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