Translation issue

Hello again.

I have stumbled across a translation issue.

I have been using my ammended dansk.aslx, which I sent to the Pixie some time ago.
I have been making further changes, new version coming up :-)

But I have found a problem, which I can't get my head around.

It relates to the builtin "ask" functionality.

If I enter a topic with a script on the Ask/Tell tab, it works fine if I use english in game.
Like "ask A about B"

In danish that would be called "spørg A om B"
But that does not work.

I found the following line in the dansk.aslx file:
<template templatetype="command" name="spørg"><![CDATA[^ask (?<object>.*) about (?<text>.*)$]]></template>
So some effort has been made in this direction.

However it does not work.
I tried changing the "about" to "om" without any luck.

I hope you can explain to me how this is supposed to work in the dansk.aslx, and direct me to the right place to change it.

Best Regards

That's weird. I would have thought the line should be:
<template templatetype="command" name="ask"><![CDATA[^spørg (?<object>.*) om (?<text>.*)$]]></template>

The ask (?<object>.*) about (?<text>.*) is what the player types during the game. The name="ask" tells Quest which command script this belongs to, and shouldn't be translated (unless you're actually writing a new script for this command, so "spørg" behaves differently from the default "ask".

That was also the way thought it should be :-)

Yay it works!!

Just like you said :-)

The same problem exists for a number of other commands.
I will correct these befure I send in a new version of the dansk.aslx file,


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