Let's say I wrote a huge gamebook (a couple thousand pages) in Quest and I wanted to pay a coder/wizard to make it playable on mobile/desktop without the Quest client.

What would be the price tag?

Let's say my budget was $5,000 USD.

Would that get me close?

Or should I look elsewhere?

Just curious what you guys think. Honest opinions.

Depends how complex the game is. There's already been attempts to port Quest to Javascript; and for something like this it would only be necessary to port the features that you used.

The game itself isn't complex per se, it's a gamebook, it's just a lot of pages and mostly a bunch of boolean shit - flags, artwork, sounds, I can send over a sample of the game. I'm just wondering if there are any coders here that know Quest and would be willing to make it work outside of Quest. What do people charge? I'm genuinely curious and have real let's-get-to-work money if anyone's interested.

It's about 12 years since I did coding on commission, and I have no idea what the going rate currently is.

Something like that, I think it would be relatively easy to convert into a bunch of HTML documents. The question then is if you'd want to distribute it in that form.

If I was doing that with one of my own games, I'd probably try compiling the resulting files into the ePub format. This can be read in man "ebook" apps, including iBooks and Google Play Books. So if you wanted to make it available in a way someone can easily read, that would make it easier (and I believe you should have no problem selling your gamebook through those stores if you want to).

I'm currently working on getting a gamebook to output to a Kindle file, which is slightly more restrictive (no booleans).

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