Removing multiple command support

Quest currently supports players typing multiple commands at once, e.g. "look at lamp. take it" - with multiple commands separated by periods.

I don't believe many people actually use this, and it breaks things if you include a period in an object name. In more recent versions of Quest, you can turn off multiple command support to get around this.

I'm proposing to simply not support this in QuestKit. Any thoughts or objections?

I've never used it although I didn't know it was a feature until someone mentioned it on the forums. I thought it could be a handy way of game testing before discovering that the walkthrough feature already has that base covered.

I think you are right. I believe you stated that one of your goals was to simplify and this most likely adds complexity without a substantial return.

I've always felt this was a bit of cheat anyway. It undermines turn-based events, for one thing, by cramming multiple actions into one turn. I'd be fine with seeing it go.

Yes, just remove it!

The only time I have ever used it was to quickly get back to somewhere after I 'died'. I wouldn't miss it if it wasn't there.

I'm sure you know I'm fine removing it. :)

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