QuestKit CLI

Just a note for anybody thinking about helping out with QuestKit, that I've just added a CLI option. Instead of generating the game as an HTML file which you have to open in a browser, this simply creates a command-line version of the game, which is then run instantly. Handy for quickly testing things out.

So currently my Terminal window looks like this:

Alexs-MBP:questkit alexwarren$ node questkit.js examples/test/test.yaml --cli
QuestKit 0.0.1
Loaded 37 sections
Writing story.js

Running /Users/alexwarren/Documents/Projects/questkit/examples/test/story.js
Type "q" to exit

> x tv
The TV is an old model, possibly 20 years old. {if TV.switchedon:It is currently showing an old western.}{else:It is currently switched off.}

> x bob
{if Bob.alive:Bob is sitting up, appearing to feel somewhat under the weather.}{else:Bob is lying on the floor, a lot more still than usual.}

You can see I still need to implement the text processor!

I didn't realise you could use {else:text} in the text processor. It isn't mentioned in the documentation.

There's no {else:text} in the Quest 5 text processor (but it is something that Squiffy supports).

Oh right, your OP gave me the impression there was (on the understanding you are converting Quest over to QuestKit). Will it be a feature added to QuestKit? It would be supremely handy.

There's a way around it anyway by giving an attribute a value.

I am converting the core library, but there will be some features added and others removed. If the text processor is added (and it may not be in its current form anyway, as I'm thinking about using underscore's template engine instead), then I've already done much of the work to convert it into JavaScript for Squiffy, so I'll use that code which already handles "else". Some other features may slip in because JavaScript will make some things much easier... and some things will disappear because I'm also simplifying aspects of the design.

Is there a documentation how to use QuestKit? I don't know how to write a write and compile a QuestKit-game at the moment

Documentation will eventually be here, but it's currently empty:

Be patient, I've only just started working on it! I'm developing it in the open, which means I'll be posting random stuff here every so often when I want to mention something. If you want to get involved, read the code - there's not too much of it yet. It won't be ready for use for a long time, though there should be some early preview release within the next couple of months probably.

Alex wrote:There's no {else:text} in the Quest 5 text processor (but it is something that Squiffy supports).

But there's {if not object.attribute:text} which I now understand. Doh.

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