Subject and object pronouns

Just quickly documenting this here as I've just coded it...

In Quest 5 (and earlier versions), there are two attributes "gender" and "article". They are both misnamed - the first one is really "subject pronoun" and is usually it/he/she/they, and the second one is really "object pronoun" and is usually it/him/her/them.

They are used in constructing default responses like "You can't take it".

In QuestKit, these are renamed properly - we now have subjectpronoun and objectpronoun.

In Quest 5, you normally wouldn't set these directly. Instead, you would choose from a type - "inanimate object", "female character" etc. This would set the default values by inheriting from an object type.

In QuestKit, we don't have object types - there is no inheritance. Instead, there are functions for working out default values. These are calculated by looking at two easier-to-set and now-correctly-named attributes, which are "gender" and "plural". "gender" for English is now "male", "female" or blank. Other languages may allow other options. Plural in English just a boolean, as it will be for most languages, although I know some of them actually have other options.

These are used by the language-specific en.js to calculate the correct subject and object pronouns ... ster/en.js

Other languages will need to give their own implementations.

One other change this introduces is that the plural attribute is taken into account for the default object prefix - it now defaults to "some" for plural objects, which seems sensible to me.

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