Live examples in documentation

I haven't started writing the documentation yet, but I'll be adding some soon.

One thing that will be quite cool is having live examples within the documentation. Code on one side, and the resulting text adventure on the other. I've just added a proof of concept - it shows a minimal example game's code, and you can play it right there on the page:

Err, that's pretty amazing. You can usurp various code schools in the process given you have an interesting application to apply it all to.

obviously you didn't implement Inventory or 'I' yet (or at least not in this example). Otherwise, this will be a great way to see in practice how the theory (of the docs) works.

wow, fine!

Inventory/"i" works - only in lower case at the moment though.

Thanks Alex. Just rechecked and found it works. ( i ) However, I noticed that when the output gets to the bottom of the window, the last line is hidden by the bottom horizontal scroll bar. This is on Chrome. Therefore that's why I didn't see the output when I tried earlier.

Works here on Chrome for me - can you post a screenshot?

Here is what I see.

If I scroll the vertical bar down, I can see the response - You are carrying a book.

Ah, I see. On Windows the horizontal scrollbar is in the way - that shouldn't be there. I'll fix that tonight.

Look OK now. Thanks Alex.

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