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Dear Alex et al,

I'm looking at QuestKit currently and I'd very much like to contribute. However, while I'm a seasoned developer, I'm not any kind of genius in this respect. Particularly with JS, but I'm willing to muck in and learn.

What I'd like is some sort of developer's documentation that would allow me to get up and running. So that I could take the github code, run it, see it in action and work my way in from there. So that I understand the fundamental workflow of the code: i.e. where it begins, where it middles, and where it ends.

Maybe this document already exists but I can't find it; maybe the process is very simple, but coming in from a perspective of total ignorance I'm a little lost.

I can work my way into anything and have made my career out of this. I just need that bump start to get going.

Overall I think the QuestKit/JS direction is perhaps the only tenable one at the moment. Apps are the new indie gaming foundation. Assuming that JS/HTML can be easily adapted/integrated for Android/iPhone apps, I'm very excited about this.

All the best,

It's easy to get set up. You just need to install node, and clone the questkit repo on GitHub. Then you can run:

node questkit.js examples/test/test.yaml

That will generate files in examples/test. That's a sample game based on the Quest 5 tutorial, and you'll notice bits of it don't work yet - that's because QuestKit is at a very very early stage of development.

For dev purposes, you'll find the --cli option convenient:

node questkit.js examples/test/test.yaml --cli

That will run the game directly in the console so you don't have to open up a browser.

Great, thank you :)

A quick note: you need to run "npm install" after cloning the questkit repo, to install the necessary packages. (Or so I found.)

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