Starting Development

1, Hey, I am wondering if I am able to start to use quest kit to develop a game for the long term. I realise only the barebones are here now, but as I am planning a long term project, the barebones are fine till I learn the ropes, because its been awhile since I was a coder.

Do you plan to add backwards support for previous versions as you go along? That is will the content I make now be usable through the alpha, even if I have to copy paste and edit a bit, that's fine to tweak/alter it. Not seeking anything 100% perfect I obviously expect to alter things, I am just wondering on your own stance or view on development and existing games.

2, Also what is your stance on:
*People making commercial projects with the kit.
*Hobby donation projects.

Thanks for any help.

The YAML format for QuestKit games isn't likely to change very much, so anything you create now should still be usable by later versions (or at least, it should be fairly simple to adapt).

As with Quest, you are completely free to do anything you like with the games you create. So you can make commercial projects, you can solicit donations - it's entirely up to you, as it's your game.

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