Examine: Please look into it...

It would seem that I am no longer able to "examine" a room

> examine lounge

There doesn't seem to be anything you might call 'lounge' here.

I tested with the default files included with 1.0 zip. the only change was adding an "examine" attribute.

createRoom("lounge", {
  desc:"The lounge is boring, the author really needs to put stuff in it.",
  examine:"text to print",

is this by design, or did something get messed up? I am able to examine items.


That is what Quest 5 does, so by design. The convention, I thought, is you use LOOK to look at the current location, and EXAMINE or LOOK AT for items. However, I looked at a non-Quest game, and it looks like this is used by some games, so I have uploaded a new version (not a release). It turned up a couple of other bugs, so was worthwhile doing.

That actually was the convention I was anticipating, but v .9 had examine as part of a room, so I had put some functionality in examine.

Thanx, glad that good came of it. I'll throw the new code into the mix.


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