Player can move during wait and menus using the numpad

I'm still very new to both coding and QuestJS so I may have missed something but I noticed that while a wait prompt or menu options, the user can still freely navigate between rooms using the numpad shortcuts.

From what I understand so far, the keyboard keys are still enabled when the interface is frozen (i.e. when the "click here to continue" prompt is on screen) so is there a way to block the code to listen to the keyboard while the game is "paused" and if not then is it possible to completely get rid of the shortcuts to move ?

I'm using QuestJS 0.9 and have encountered this issue on a new game with just two rooms connected to each other and two commands: one to pause the game with a wait() function, the other to show a simple menu.

That is a bug! Thanks for reporting. As soon as I read it I realised what I had done (or failed to do!)

It is fixed and uploaded to GitHub, but not part of a release yet. You can either just grab the _io.js file from GitHub or, better, clone the whole lot, as there are quite a few updates since 0.9. Or wait until the next release, which will probably be soon, but no promises when.

Thanks for the reply, I'll grab the updated libraries asap!

Amazing job done on QuestJS, I'm loving it! <3

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