Case Closed...


I have a container "cabinet" with these attributes:

	openMsg:function() {
	closeMsg:function() {

openMsg works as expected and replaces the default response.
but closeMsg does not. it shows the default close message.

That is bad documenting, I am afraid...

Earlier versions had openMsg and closeMsg functions, and so they are in the docs. For consistency they were replaced with msgClose and msgOpen, which are strings, not functions. That said, I kept the openMsg function because the code is used in two places to handle opening an unlocked container and opening a locked container when the player has the key.


See also here:,-Messages-and-Reactions

Meanwhile, I will update the docs...

Thanks for the clarification

I also cannot seem to get the "getTakeMsg" attribute and "getDropMsg" attribute to work either, is this the same issue?

Yes, same issue. Docs now updated.

Good Morning,

I noticed that there are additional edits needed on the page:

The only important attribute is "closed". However, you can override the default open and close messages with your own openMsg and closeMsg functions.

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