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I've always used Notepad+ on WIndows or Geany on Linux, but I've been watching videos about JS and this one guy uses Visual Studio Code and it seemed pretty cool. So, I installed it in Linux.

First off, when creating an HTML document, the auto-fill is SPECTACULAR.

It also shows you errors in your JS code (much like Word shows you spelling and grammatical errors).


Second, you can download the Live Server extension, and every time you save your game immediately refreshes in the browser.

It's pretty sweet, and you don't have to pay anything to get it.

Just search for "Visual Studio Code". The downloads page has packages for Windows and Linux right up top. Easy-peasy.


I recommend you to use it as well. It is indeed really good, and it includes a GitHub extension if you want to get the latest updates.

Do you have a tip to prevent auto-fill from filling automatically my "msg("s and my "game.player"s into completely different things until I'm done typing?

Do you have a tip to prevent auto-fill from filling automatically my [ ... ] ?

I wish!

Honestly, I switch back to Geany sometimes, whenever the auto-fill in a JS file starts [EXPLETIVE DELETED] me off when I'm editing stuff!

Oh, sorry. I got a little frustrated just thinking about it.


I also wish I could get it out of dark mode . . .

I have not used VS much, but other IDEs I have used try to add extra quotes, on the basis that they always occur in pairs. It really pisses me off. This is partly why I use Notepad++.

Both dark mode and the pairing of brackets can be changed in the preferences / settings.
Look for Workbench / Appearance to change dark mode and Text Editor / Match Brackets

Thanks, R2T1!

What is the best way of using VS? Would you go through the project creation process, then import the files? Or do you just use it to edit files individually?

I don't know the best way, but I just right-click in the game's main directory and select "Open with Code". That way, Visual Studio Code works very similarly to the actual Visual Studio when opening the Quest 5 project.

Sometimes, I just open a single file to edit it in Code, though.

It seems to all work well either way.

(R2T1 probably knows lots more about it than I do, though. I couldn't even get it out of dark mode.)

Sorry I've been busy with my father's funeral amongst other matters.

Actually I don't know any more than you. I have been using it to write (translate from BASIC) an Inform 6 game. I prefer the DARK theme for myself but there is also a menu choice - FILE/Preferences/Colour Theme to pick one that suits you.
With the I6 project, I just started a new file (I think) and began coding.
I'm still learning as I go, just as I did when working before I retired. (Life is just a continual schooling)

I'll try to get back to this fully in a few more weeks. Seems like I may have a bit of reading to do in order to catch up.

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