Tutorial on making spells

See here:
Spells for the Zombie Apocalyse

Although it is styled for the zombie combat system, it is entirely standalone, and can be used on the web version.

The example spells are ones we were thinking about for the group project last summer.

Nice :)

I notice that for the one that targets other spells, you have a #text# parameter. Not 100% sure, but I think you should be able to do something like this instead…

<command name="lleps">
  <pattern>lleps #object#;cast lleps at #object#;cast lleps at #object#</pattern>
  <changecommandscope type="script">
    foreach (cmd, ScopeCommands()) {
      if (GetBoolean(cmd, "learnt")) {
        list add (items, cmd)
    [... as before, except you don't need to compare the parameter to the command names ...]

So you get the benefits of it working if you type "lleps FROTZ" or whatever; and possibly the disambiguation menu. (I've glanced over the code for ShowMenu, and I don't see anything that would fail if you hand it an objectlist containing commands, turnscripts, or exits. Just as long as every object in the list has a name)

On my phone again, haven't actually tested this, but thought I should suggest it.

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