How to convert .mp4 to .gif (for free!)



If you have (or download) ffmpeg (which is free software), you can convert a (short) video file from .mp4 to .gif like this:

ffmpeg -i YOUR_FILENAME.mp4 -pix_fmt rgb24  YOUR_FILENAME.gif

(Not sure if it's the best way. I just found that code on stackexchange.)

Ooh! Thanks K.V. As I am always mucking about with A/V this is a bit of boon :D

How big is such a gif compared to the mp4?


The .gif files are 2 or 3 times larger than the .mp4 file.

For instance, I copied an .mp4 file which was 254KB, and the .gif is 1MB.

(That's why I threw the "(short) video file" bit in there, but I definitely should have elaborated.)

It's easier to deal with a .gif than it is a video in Quest, though.

A .gif will work in any version of the player, and you don't have to worry about including multiple formats to handle the different browsers like you do with video files.

...but the real reason I like this code is because I can do this now:

How to: Using your mouse to move around

That .mp4 is 266KB, and the .gif is 914KB.

If gambling were legal, and I had the nickel to spare, I'd bet a nickel that you can find ways to decrease the file size if you read the ffmpeg documentation.

I'm also recording my screen at a high frame-rate, which makes the original file larger than most people's would be.

I just now started learning to do this. So any input is more than welcome!

Ah, good. I can suggest the tool I use to create GIF videos. The good thing is that it instantly creates GIFs.



I just used that, and it works quite well!

Whoa. That's really cool. I'll be sure to reference this at some point later. Thanks!

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