((SG)) ObjectExt 1.3 - Alias extensions for open, switch and in container

ObjectExt 1.3

The following script changes the aliases of the objects so that open and switched objects are recognizable. It also adds indentations to objects in containers. Compatible with wearable items.

Download the ObjectExt.aslx, integrate it as Library in Quest and add the 'InitObjectExt' function to the game.start-script.

Preview ObjectExt

To download the library simply right-click here and select "Save as..."!

You want to see all libraries of scriptgames? Just click here!

Have fun with the library!

enter image description here

Why is it in German?

And speaking of which, why is your name SoonGames? Are you a company?

No. Only the preview is here in German. It is in English with templates, so you can customize it to any language.

I am not a company yet. No.

Nice :)

That's one of the first things I did; except I indented the nested inventory items with unicode box drawing characters.
Good to see it as a proper library.

Hey, glad to hear it. What do the signs look like where you used them?


I just contributed to a game in which we used a similar method!

Yours looks better, though, SoonGames! We'll probably use this next time (and credit you, of course).

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