Calling library owners! (The Pixie, Chase, Jay, anyone else...)

I've just been tidying up a few old links in the documentation, and the Libraries page could do with some attention.

Are these libraries all still maintained?

I've fixed up the links that were pointing to the forums for downloads, though I couldn't find where the lift library has gone. Anybody know?

It would be great if we could get GitHub repos set up for each of these. That way they'll be much easier to keep up to date, people can log issues, fork them etc.

Could each of you library authors could do that for your own libraries?

Alternatively, if you're not maintaining them any more, let me know and I'll take them off the list.


I'm still not that familiar with using github that well, so if anyone wants (and/or doesn't mind, lol) to put any of my libraries up on github, go ahead, they're free for everyone to use and do with that they want, all I ask is just to credit me as the creator/owner of them, of course.

I just don't have the time, while in school, to learn github better (using Alex' links somewhere, forgot where they were posted, to a guide on using github), due to the school workload, but it's something I need to get around to eventually... sighs.

I'll take a look at what I have here.

I was already in the process of moving my stuff to a web site so it could be maintained properly, but GitHub is a better idea, so I will do that.

I have moved a lot of stuff, both tutorials and libraries, to GitHub.

They have been updated where required, but let me know if anything is amiss! I am working on a new version of CombatLib so that is the big omission at the moment.

Score Library is now a tutorial here:

Shopping Library is updated here:

A very much expended Clock Library is here:

Journal library is now a tutorial here:

An improved version of Clothing Library is here, building on Chase's version:

Updated Conversation Library here:

Updated Lift Library here:

All linked library pages are tutorials explaining how to use the library, with a link to the library itself.

Elevator and Path library are both Jay's

Jay, I would like to update your second inventory library. Could I add that to my site?

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