Quest - This Message Will Self-destruct!

msg ("<span id='message1'>This message will self destruct!</span>")
SetTimeout (4) {
  JS.eval ("$('#message1').toggle('explode');")
  RemoveObject (message)

msg_self_destruct 1

That's some fancy JS combo animation going on there!


Quest has this built in:

Yowzer. You JS.exploded my mind.

I just assumed that explode was your custom function, but it's an actual effect! What if you made it 100 exploded pieces? (I like to go overboard)

Label: JavaScript Look at eval evaluate delete RemoveObject Explode Message

(Just helping)

JS.eval ("$('#message1').toggle('explode', {pieces: 121});")

That makes it explode into 121 pieces. You can choose whatever number, but, if it's not a perfect square, it rounds it up (I think; maybe down).

NOTE: Too many pieces ruins the effect.

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