WeatherLib - Is there code missing?

Just been looking at Pixie's Weather Library.

Is there some code missing. I've looked through it and can't find what the function LookAtSky does

<function name="LookAtSky" type="string">

    return (game.currentweather.look)


It doesn't seem to get called in the library.

Looks like it should be:

<function name="LookAtSky" type="string">
  msg (game.currentweather.description)

You can then create a room, "outside", with no way for the player to get to it, and put a "sky" object in it. The "look at" script for the sky is then:


Finally, to have the sky in every room, set the backdrop scope script (advanced scripts tab of game object) to:

if (not GetBoolean(game.pov.parent, "inside")) {
  foreach (o, GetDirectChildren(outside)) {
    list add (items, o)

That's great Pixie. Thanks.

Hi Pixie.
This is not working.

msg (game.currentweather.description)

Changed it to:

msg (game.currentweather.alias)

which seems to have done the trick.

Still not sure what the 'Look at sky' box does on the weather tab though.

You would need to put a description in the weather-rooms. I should have mentioned that.

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