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I have built a template that I use for games updated for 5.7.1. It does a lot of things, but the best thing it does is handle fire. It's easy to use. Just assign any object to the wt_obj type, enter the fire attributes, done.

It also handles day/night and a few other things. I've started documentation but it's incomplete. I can post the template with what documentation I have. I'd be nice if the game platform itself handled fire the way I've set it up, and day/night cycles, and ambiance. Not sure which forum to post it in that has attachments.

What does it do with fire?

@mrangel The world template, for any object with the wt_obj object type assigned to it, can do the following things:

A lit match can burn down and permanently extinguish (because it's set so that it cannot be ignited more than once).
The same match, while lit, can light a candle (where the match is a source of fire, but the candle requires a source of fire).
The match can be set so once doused, can never be ignited again.
The candle can be doused and re-ignited over and over until its total tick count for being able to burn is exhausted, and it expires.
The candle, once lit, can burn other things, such as a piece of paper.
A rock can be set so its burnability is false, and therefore never ignites.

Based on an internal timer that's always running, you can set exactly how long the match and candle can burn before extinguishing on their own. Naturally, the match's lifespan would be shorter than the candle's.

You can also determine which a lit object produces light.

There are other features with the world template, but fire is the most involved, and it works beautifully. Just set an object to wt_obj and then fiddle with its burnability attributes.

Supporting this also are scripts for a verb/command.


That sounds very cool.

This should be the right place for the code, too.

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