((SG)) SetObjectCase 1.5 - Script add-on to set common object attributes.

SetObjectCase 1.5

Script add-on with which it is possible to set common object attributes more effectively.

Preview SetObjectCase

To download the library simply right-click here and select "Save as..."!

You want to see all libraries of scriptgames? Just click here!

Have fun with the library!

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Thanks, I was looking for something like this as a time saver. Thank God for people like you, else I would be too lazy to do any project XD

That's the way it should be. ; -)

SoonGames - Thank you so much for this for this.

Hello. It's time for a SetObjectCase update. From now on it is also possible to use the scripts.

Version 1.5

  • Wrong translation template exchanged.
  • Free input field.
  • Scripts added.

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