A map question

Is there a way to display a small picture in the map square?
I have a niece that made a small game, mostly all her work, other than what I helped with.
But, it would be nice if the map has a picture of what is in the room.


Good luck! (I do believe Dcoder finally got it to work, but I'm pretty sure he had to go completely mad for half a year to do it.)



Cheese's way is probably much easier (and more reliable as far as the web player is concerned):


That was a LOT of reading, guesswork, trial and error, (mostly errors)…
(Mainly as in nothing worked.)
Thanks guys, I got it to work!!!
Now just one more request...
Could all that code be programed into the Quest source code so that the next person that wants to change the
map "boxes" into map pictures???
So that on the "Map" tab, there is a "picture" option...
Just like the "Fill colour" box...

but I'm pretty sure he had to go completely mad for half a year to do it.

Haha, I'm still in recovery from all of that mental anguish. That's the price we pay for coding!

@DL -

So that on the "Map" tab, there is a "picture" option...

KV's library includes a new "Grid Image" tab for each room that allows you to (optionally) choose a grid image for that room (either a URL or local image).

@KV -
Looking back at our old thread, I just noticed that, in your final JS script (not the library), you have 2 functions at the very end -- CheckImage and DrawRoomImage -- that I never included in the JS script that I'm using. I assume these 2 functions are JS, but they are not camel-cased?

Should I copy those 2 functions into my JS script? Should they be camel-cased? Thanks!

Ok, I added CheckImage and DrawRoomImage to my JS script (minus all the "console.log" lines) and it didn't seem to make any difference to my game.

When I went back into Quest, I noticed the new tab.
After loading the library file, every thing is easy to work with and change...
Again, thanks!!!!

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