Here's Your Code Back Hegemonkhan

Hey. So at first I was just looking for example code to learn combat with. Which lead me to HegemonKhan massive unfinished code. I polished it up a bit, and I suppose I'd show the finished code to HegemonKhan, since he likes code so much.
I got the code from this thread (link).
And for all the sane people, here's just a link to the unfinished game.
Also, I used Quest 5.6.3 something. Also I left the copyright code on.
This code is quite a doozy!

Forget it, I'll use Deviantart links.
*smacks head-678- Um... yeah, the code is not complete and it failed to upload many times. It's split.
Why not just download it from the link? ( )

awesome, glad you were able to use my (old) code (I've been too lazy to update it's list/dictionary syntax to the current version of quest as it changed from when I wrote this code to now: , scroll down to the 'upgrading quest v5.3 to v5.4' section) and adjust it to your own design uses/needs!

It also has some un-needed code lines too (bad code) as this was back when I was first learning to do combat coding (I've got and/or can create a new/better code, but am lazy), for example, the 'who goes first' code section is really bad (redundent) design and uses a completely unneeded Boolean Attribute, as no such flagging/indication is needed, or at least not with a better design.

lastly, I got confused with my 'physical damage:PD vs physical defense/resistence:PR' too, and switched them up wrongly.
(I've NEVER used abrevs ever since, learned my lesson, laughs)

(maybe when my school finals / school are/is over, I'll upload my old combat code all fixed up and current version syntaxed... maybe... I'm lazy)

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