My game won't load. Please help!!

I've been working on a game on the desktop version for windows (most recent version) for an English project and it is due tomorrow but I just started getting an error message that says Invalid XML: root element missing. I saw something about the servers being down but it said they were back up earlier today and either way I had no problem until just now, I was working on it this morning. This project is due tomorrow can anyone help? Thanks.


You should be able to find your answers here:

If you cannot figure an answer with help using this thread, it may be a good idea to post your entire code here (or share your .aslx file with someone via email).

Let us know!

The servers won't affect games created with th desktop version except for when publishing.

I tried to open my game as code in notepad but it just came up as a blank screen, so I can't get to anything to try and fix it.

if anyone thinks they can help my email is [email protected] I can email my file to you. Thanks!

Invalid XML: root element missing 

This happens immediately upon trying to open your file, correct?


is your file: '' or 'xxx.aslx' ???

I'm guessing that you're trying to open a '' file... you got to unzip it, to get at the 'xxx.aslx' files, which you can open up in a text editor (such as notepad).

or... maybe you're just missing a tag (< or >) character (or you're missing the <asl version="###">CONTENT</asl>) or your version doesn't match up with your quest.exe... in which case, since you can't open the file... you're screwed unless you know assembly and can hack into the file...

My file is an .aslx file not a .quest file and nothing comes up on notepad

It sounds worryingly like you have lost it. If you right click on the file and go to properties, how big it the file?

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Try textpad, not notepad. There may be hidden control characters that notepad can't display that are causing you problems. Textpad is a text editor but it's also a programing utility and should display everything.

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