How do you know the site has a 20 mb limit?

How do you know the site has a 20 mb limit? Anyone?

Has anyone tried it?

Yep. X2 was like 5x that and I had to widdle it down to right at 20mb to get it to upload. During that process, Pixee, I think, told me it was 20mb. Could have been someone else, but the pix seems to solve everything so... that is to whom I'm giving credit. :)

99.9999999% of everything (forum help and libraries) is Pixie, lol :D

So is this on purpose, of if I wait a year or two will it increase?
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I think it is set on purpose and i guess because the server does not have unlimited capacity.

For just a game the limit is huge. It id only of you have images and sounds that you might hit the limit and compressing them is one way to get around it.

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