Is it possible for my to have my friend be able to work on my game as well as I?

I wanna make a game with my friend and i could really use her help so she can add her ideas too. I dont know how to "add" her tho! Is there a way for me to add her so that we can work on this together?

One way...
Make a second user account for the project and give her the account info.
That way, either of you could log into that second account and edit the program...
Or, give her your current log-in info...
The only problem could be that one of you tries to log-in while the other is on-line...
The other option is for each of you e-mail the file back and forth, then only the one holding the file could work on it, then mail it back when done.
This way, you both are using a local copy, running it on your own PC to make sure your changes work before sending it back.

The only problem could be that one of you tries to log-in while the other is on-line...

I would guess that that would be fine. Just make sure you are not both working on the same object at the same time, as you may find your chages are overwritten when your friend later makes changes.

You two could share an account, password and all.

The Pixie, is there the capability to link progress made with github, like my personal account, so that every time a change is saved, there is a save sent to github?

Multiple editors could be sent to a single github, each with their own dedicated branch. Could it be automated with Javascript in an object description run through the language formatting function of mrangel?

OR put into a library and used that way?

KV and I did that with Pixie’s Quest. He just sent me email updates to it (and sort of Vise versa)

egoprocter, I do not know, but I think not, and I thnk that is by design. The idea is that you get to a certain point where you are happy, and then commit the changes at that point, and optionally push to Github.

I think the only ways to do it with Github would be either:
One of you has a turn, commits and pushes. Then the other has a turn, commits and pushs.
Each work on his library (but with no GUI).

Here is one possible way to collaborate:

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