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I announced last month that I was handing over and Quest. Many thanks to everybody who got in touch to volunteer to help. I was really pleased that so many people want to see these projects continue into the future. I am now happy to announce that we have a new team in place!

Luis Felipe Morales will be taking over the and ActiveLit websites, and also Squiffy. A programmer since the 1980s, Luis has been involved with the Spanish interactive fiction community since he was young. He has maintained and created several internet portals and now works as a freelancer.

Jay Nabonne and Andy a.k.a The Pixie will be taking over development of Quest. Both have been very active members of the forums for a long time. Jay is a lifelong programmer and game player who is interested in not only creating games but helping others to do the same. A California native, he now lives with his wife in the UK. Andy has been playing and creating text adventure games since the Eighties, has been using Quest for over five years and has written various guides and libraries for the system.

Greg Fenton and Nathan Clive Gerard will each be running servers for Quest's WebPlayer and WebEditor. Greg is a developer who wrote his first text adventure in dBase III on an IBM PC back in the very late 1980s shortly after leaving high school. Nathan is a regular player of text adventures from the UK (currently living in the USA), who spends his days setting up and looking after web servers in the cloud.

I'll be working with each of them over the coming months to ensure a smooth transition. Please welcome them aboard!

Hello everyone!

I'm Luis Felipe and it is a pleasure to be able to take over with I have been accompanied by some more people in the team and we hope to be able to give you some information about future plans soon. To do this, we will first wait for the transaction to take place as we organize ourselves and see where we can walk with the web.

For now and in advance, you can enjoy the documentation of Squiffy in Spanish from the page itself.

Documentación de Squiffy en español.

Thank you and we hope we can increase our activity in the next few days.

GREAT! Best wishes to the new team!

Good to hear that things are in place to ensure Quest continues. But now I have no excuses to procrastinate making my game... =P

A massive thank you from me, to Alex and the new team! I'm extremely pleased to hear Quest will live on.

I would like to say that on behalf of those who use Quest on a regular basis that we are extremely grateful and very thankful for the new team because they have volunteered to take over this immense responsibility and ensure the system's continued development. I am especially confident in our new leads; Jay and Pixie as both are incredibly dedicated, intelligent people whom I have the utmost respect for. I am also very thankful for Luis in taking over the Quest website as well.

Thank you to Team Quest ^_^ I also wanted to take this time to thank Alex as well for creating Quest and putting so much time into the development to have brought it this far, especially on his own. I hope he won't become a stranger in this new frontier.


Dido, Thank You very much to all the staff/members of the new team, we really enjoy and have benefitted from quest and the users/moderators help with learning to make games and/or with coding/programming, and are glad that this amazing software/engine will continue to live on and develop further. Especially thank further, as it seems all/most of the new team has already been so dedicated with helping out quest and its users, for me personally, a huge thanks to Pixie and Jay, as they've been helping me so much with quest, game making, and coding/programming!

"The Quest shall continue!" :D

Well done guys.

Hooray! Welcome, new team! Congrats all around!

I have been using Quest on and off for the last several years. I have not completed a single game, but have been in the process of creating quite a few. ^_^ There have been many people here on the forums who have actively helped new and vets a like, going out of their way to solve problems and answer questions.

And of course Alex has always helped as well, not to even mention continuing the work of keeping Quest running and always updated, making better features and pleasing the community.

It is good to see fresh faces, people with new and similar ideas and with experience to back it up. However it will be a sad day indeed when we can no longer see Alex's beautiful shinning face on the forums. ^_^ I can not remember the last time he has changed that avatar, unless they have been updated, but he never ages. Hahaha!

So hello to the new team. May they feel welcomed and follow in the tradition of hard work and great ideas. And we will always be in debt to Alex for building Quest and getting it to where it is today.

Respect to the Fabulous Five! It's great to see that the site and its game engines will continue to be supported. Many thanks also to Alex for 'building the ship', and best wishes for the future.

Wow lots has changed then. Shame to see Alex go but that's a good innings he put in.

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