Sorry, you can't post that here.


It has previously been (mostly) explained why this message pops up when I'm attempting to edit a post, but it drives me totally insane sometimes. These are usually times when I've posted a good amount of code, then noticed I made one error. When this happens, I very much need to be able to edit the posted code as soon as possible so I don't cause the OP to suffer due to my mistake(s).

My current workaround is adding an HTML element with the display set to none, but I don't know if this is necessary until after I've tried to post my edit, which, again, is usually already a frustrating moment because I've just realized I've messed something up and am attempting to quickly fix it.

Perhaps something could be set up so forum members who have been signed up more than 3 months and have made more than say 500 posts have more post-editing power than a normal member? (Maybe this would prove that we weren't spammers?)

I know that I could simply stop messing up, but I already tried that, and it didn't work out.

A day without typo's is a dat without humer...
500 posts within 3 months!!!???
Wow!!! that's busy!!!
But I could agree about the, I guess its a post_rate_counter_limiter_thingy thing...
Sometime it would help to be able to answer several post here and there then find out you hit the limit_thingy.
I suspect it's 3 consecutive posts that it tries to limit...


I think what gets me is when it checks the character difference between the actual post and the revised post. (It seems like someone said it works that. If you haven't changed n amount of characters, it won't go through. (I may have dreamed this up.))


...and I just meant if someone has been a member for at least 3 months and had a minimum of 500 posts total. Covering both of those bases is how other forums seem to weed out the members in good standing from the spammers.

500 posts / 90 days = 5 to 6 posts per day... (5.555555555)
Actually, I guess that could be doable...


No, no...

I wasn't being very clear. ( I had been coding for too long with no breaks.)

If a member has been a member for at least 90 days AND has made at least 500 posts since first signing up, then that user is probably not a spammer, therefore gets less restricted editing privileges for the duration. (No need to make n amount of posts within 90 days, just altogether.)

So if a member signed up 7 months ago, but has only made 499 posts total, no special privileges yet. That member makes one more post, and none of them have been something which got the user's membership revoked, then the user gets less restricted editing privileges.

I just randomly picked the number 500. 100 posts might be more attainable.

...but I don't really think manowar can control it. It's really just a pipe dream.

here's my solution:

I post, and/or re-post (edit), too fast/soon, and/or my editing of post is only a few characters/symbols

which causes the site to block it and error message

for brief example:

yada yada yada

and then I go to edit it:

yada yada

and the site blocks me from posting my edited post

my fix/solution that seems to always work:

(add enough extra characters/symbols at the beginning, see below for what I like to use for it, lol)

(filler for getting my edited post, updated/posted)


yada yada

...and if you edit it again, and get it blocked again....

my fix/solution:

(filler for getting my edited post, updated/posted)
(again, filler for getting my edited post, updated/posted, argh)




My workaround is adding this to the end of the post:

<span style="display:none;">I CAN TOO POST THIS HERE!!!</span>

It's invisible, to keep from adding any unnecessary (and possibly confusing) text to the post.

<span style="display:none;">I CAN TOO POST THIS HERE!!!</span>

I'll normally put "EDIT: Corrected typo in code" or similar at the top. That way, if someone's already copied it, they can see that I've already changed the error.

with how much I edit... I'd need to do versioning history (version numbers), lol

etc etc etc
Edit: 2.14
Edit: 2.04
Edit: 2.0
Edit: 1.2
Edit: 1.1
Edit: 1.0

but, I'm too lazy...


If the post is lengthy, just adding EDITED: did so-and-so isn't enough to make the difference, but it sees that span element differently, I guess. (I do try to make notes that I've edited, things, though. That's a good habit to acquire.)

When I was on the Pokeopolis forums (different forum), they counted 10 posts before you could paste a web link, just so new memebers won't spam spam everywhere. Bulbagarden and Serebii did somehing similar, I don't exactly remember.

jmnevil54, we could do with that as well.

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