New messenger feature?


I just now noticed I can view my sent messages!

How long has that been there?

It's always been there.
(You can only view the last 50 messages, though.)

K.V. from 23/11 :)



Good thing it wasn't a snake!

It's also a pleasure to see copies of messages sent before 23/11 that I thought had been lost!

Does messaging system fail when the receiver has 50 messages in their inbox?

The older ones just disappear.

The older ones just disappear.

I was trying to work out why my attempts to reply to you and then send you a direct message all failed last night. This has happened to me before but I've not heard anyone else mention it.

Its happened to me a couple time DaveyB. No idea why.


I can never send messages which contain HTML code.

It would be nice to be able to attach files or JS to our personal message systems here ^_^ Not needed but it would be convenient!


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