My game rotted again.

It happened again. This is my second file. (Technically my third.) As soon as I started messing around with the combat again, the file size of my game jumped from 50~ KB to 206 KB. Now it's back to remembering code I deleted. I downloaded it on the offline version, but that file actually had it worse.

Now I know it's literally malfunctioning and glitching after I start messing around with the code. Apparently it doesn't like to be touched the way I touch it....

Now for the fourth generation of my game...

Actually technically speaking, I have created 10+ games (probably 12...). So there are 10+ generations.

...My quest to build a perfect game needs to be a text adveture...

Hey The Pixie, are you here?! Did you know about this?!

Hi jmnevil54, I have not heard of it happening to anyone else.

If it happens reliably, could you send me a copy of the file before and after it happens? I do not have anything to do with the servers, and it may well be outside what I can do, but if it quadruples in size, there must be something extra in there and we might get some idea of what is happening if we know what the extra 156 kB is.

Could it be from an added imbedded picture???
(Will Quest imbed a picture???)
Could it be the added code from the game being published???

The Pixie, I sent you an email.

Please be careful. And please send it back if you can fix it.

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