The ability to upload an .aslx file to the online editor


If we had the ability to upload an .aslx file to the online editor, that would be very, very nice.

I have no idea how it works, but I know that we can download an aslx file we've created online, so the editor might load an aslx file when you open up a game with it anyway, then it appends the file or something???

I don't know... Sounds plausible to me, but, again, I have no idea how it works.

The offline editor is more powerful than the online version e.g. using libraries, javascript, walkthroughs... So you would need a converter to remove all not supported functions.

I'm pretty sure the editor stores games in an ASLX file internally (especially given some of the errors it exhibits). So it shouldn't be too hard to provide an upload.

Uploading a game that contains things not supported by the editor should work fine... some attributes just wouldn't appear in the editor, so you couldn't change them. Nearly all apps that use XML based file formats will simply preserve and ignore unexpected elements/attributes.

It would be reasonable to prevent a game that had been created online from being further modified online if unsupported features were included. Is there an easy test?


The offline editor is more powerful than the online version e.g. using libraries, javascript, walkthroughs... So you would need a converter to remove all not supported functions.

Ah! That makes sense. Especially the libraries and the walkthroughs. (My regex command patterns would probably upset it as well.)

I was thinking the online player would just ignore such things, but I didn't think about the online editor not being able to digest it. (I know that copying and pasting code into a function's code view will overload the online editor, but you can enter the same script via GUI, line by line, and the editor handles it fine. I don't know why that is, but I've done it twice now, and there's no escaping the fact.)

I just built Quest from the source code in Visual Studio. I bet I can test it out from there by running the online editor and player the way Pixie describes on his Wiki page.

It could just ignore the walkthoughs, but the libraries would be a problem. JavaScript might depend on how you did it, but in principle should be okay.

As far as I know, it would be a change to the web site, and not the Quest code at all, by the way, so nothing to do with me.


The libraries:

Yeah, I don't see how they could be ignored, but, if the user has a library included, either:

  1. They'd know how to remove the line(s) which included the library (or libraries) from the code, then re-submit.

  2. They'd learn not to use libraries after the first or second time they tried!

...or would it cause problems across the board if one editor went bonkers?

The library is an off-line only function. The entire website as well as the online editor would have to be updated to handle it.

Yeah, I'm not wanting to use libraries with the online editor.

I'm saying I'd like to be able to upload an .aslx file to the online editor, edit it, then download that revised .aslx file, if the urge struck me. (Like when I'm on my Linux machine, or when I'm helping a Mac user out with a script.)

I don't care about the libraries. Pertex and Pixie were just pointing out things that either wouldn't work, or that would cause a major problem.

If one had a library included in an .aslx file the online editor tried to open, it would hang up.

That would be fine with me, as long as it didn't slow down the entire server or something.

I'd just open the file in a text editor, delete the line including the library, upload that revised file, then edit away.
There would be no need to log into Windows.

Plus, you can just copy the stuff from a library into your main file. It will be a BIG file sometimes, but it still works in the offline editor. Which begs another question: Does it matter how big a game gets when editing online?

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