I just deleted 20 spam threads by haigo003 and vijaysatri33. Alex, do you see the deleted posts so that you can delete this spammer or should the mods report this spammer here?

At some point I may add a Spam button, which will delete the post and train the spam filter to prevent similar posts. Until then, just keep deleting them for now.

xuanren088 is the next spammer

new spammer haige012

just letting you mods know, there's some (~5 threads) more spam in the general discussion forum, when I last looked

new spammer heqing522369, anan55663,

The God Device has a massive spam comment in their comment section that should probably be removed. FYI.

Ugh, thanks XanMag. I've removed it.

Vijaysastri33 spammed 4 comments that I just deleted. FYI.

deleted 8 spam from bugbiu668

Is there any way to auto-block anything with chinese (?) character symbols? Just curious as I know nothing about spam filters or how they work. Or use a captcha filter? I know that would be inconvenient but if it comes to it... Just curious.

captcha for registered members? I don't like that. It would help if it would possible for moderators to delete an user with all his posts when his oldest post is not older than one week. So you could delete the spam of an user with one click

new spammer goodservicedocu

vijaysastri33 is also spamming

vijaysastri33 is still spamming (or new one).
And a jessicaaa something (I deleted post before I caught the full name).

Two posts from spammer vijaysastri33 deleted.

I deleted the user, thanks!

jocuccitini spamming. Deleted a couple already.

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