Organization of main page?

Perhaps I'm the only one, but...

Is there any way that the (itchy and annoying) rash of sexually explicit "games" could be placed in some dark recess of Quest's homepage? Maybe a sticky folder in the corner of the basement? Or present a link that reroutes the traffic to a sister link? Personally, I'm tired of the flood of reviews and game updates and new games of this nature. I know that an easy solution is to change my age in my profile but there are some adult games (i.e. Some horror games or other non-smuttyness) that I might enjoy.

It is a highly sought genre it appears so I'm not at all suggesting getting rid of it. Just less advertised.

Just my thoughts.

I second the motion.

It would also be nice to have a Player's Choice section, but I have no idea how complicated that would be to set up. Just tossing it around. People could find the better games that way...

Add a Rating to the game category...
G, PG, PG-17, R, X
Just because a game is classified as Adult, does not mean it could not also be SciFi...

I agree about hiding the Adult ones on the main page, but have a link to the side to access them.

UPDATE: I logged out, and this game no longer shows up in Last Played, so it seems that the situation was already under control.

Is there any way that the (itchy and annoying) rash of sexually explicit "games" could be placed in some dark recess of Quest's homepage?

There ARE kids frequenting this site; correct?

I mean, I'm by no means FAMILY-FRIENDLY.

I believe that a word is only its meaning, and that most things considered lewd by society can be chalked up to perfectly natural, perfectly normal, human behavior. (I.e., we all burp, poo and pee, and we all have sex (or at least most of us aspire to do so).

That being said, I know quite a few mothers who would ban their child from a site when this was the home screen:

NOTE: I like the looks of this game (Nail the Receptionist) a lot! I'm not saying it should be censored, removed, or made inaccessible! But it being somehow tagged as 'do not display in Last Played' probably wouldn't hurt either.


Seriously, that is some NICE cover art!

Hello everyone.

The homepage will change in the near future. At the moment I thought it convenient that if the user has activated the majority of age is because it wants to see that type of games inside the page by what also should appear in the last plays, no? Nor is it done so to capture visits or traffic, I simply understand that it was the operation more consistent with the current functionalities of the web. Like Inca Richard, those games only appear in Last played if you have activated the date with majority of age and you are logged in the website

I understand what he decides that a person wants to be able to see adult games but does not want the bombing of bad plays but currently there is no way to have both separately.

I would like to implement soon the favorite games and those who want to play in the future so that we can later obtain which games are the most added to favorites, but that will be in the near future.

Anyway, thank you very much for the suggestions that will be taken into account at the moment.

Thank you!


The adult games don't really offend me at all. Most of my comments were just jokes.

I was considering the children seeing it, but since one must activate the date with majority of age and log in the website to ever see it, it seems like much less of a big deal.

The favorite games on the main page sounds awesome.

I truly do like that cover art!

I was recently in a sports club (members lounge and dining) that offered free WIFI which I was using on my laptop. However of the various sites I was reading, I was unable to access the forums here on ''. It turned out that this was because there content that their server deemed to be inappropriate and therefore barred access.
While I was trying to reach the forums, it was checking the main site.

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