What's the hold up with my game? [solved until further notice]

What's happening? I published my game, Pokemon Type Harley Johto and Sinnoh, 4-5 days ago! I labelled it as a work in progress, so it's categorised, but it's not under Work in Progress when I look. Is something wrong?

Edit: Solved for now. I clicked on work in progress instead of ready for release. I didn't know there were 2 work in progress categories.

And now it's a week exactly.
Is there some large hold up with all the games?

Post a link.

Alright. If it helps.
I just wondered if it had to do with ThePixie's update, or something.

It is listed as a WIP.

It’s not showing up on the most recent WIPs or highest rate because it is not a “recent” game (posted Oct 9, 2017) and it has not been rated. Switching the game from a “whatever genre” to a WIP doesn’t force the system to recognize it as a “new” game. That would require a new ID.

As always, feel free to correct me if I’m wrong.

I just published it. It was unlisted before.
I think everyone is being slow now.

I'm about 98.2% certain that even if you publish it as unlisted, that is your publication date. I just published this clunker object tutorial as UNLISTED: http://textadventures.co.uk/games/view/clzswrz_euoov5xkqqe5qw/tutorials-objects
and there is a June 20, 2018 date listed as publication. When I publish this again tomorrow for EVERYONE (if I need to), I am certain that that publication date will remain as 6/20/2018 and NOT change to 6/21/2018.

I do not think "everyone is being slow now". Instead, that's how the system works.

If you want, for whatever reason, your game to show up on the recent WIP list, just generate a new game ID and that should do the trick.

Again, I would appreciate it if someone who knows this for certain will support my information here. If I am wrong, please correct me as I do not want to spew falsities to the masses. =)

Okay. What can I do now, then?
It's literally only had 2 more plays since I last published, and the second one was me. I'll do anything. My gsme was made on the online version of Quest.

Okay. What can I do now, then?

Why do you need to do anything?

I don't think there's that many people who choose games to play based on the "latest" listing anyway; certainly not in the WIP category. So does it really matter that your game is on page 25?

Is it on page 25? It's not showing up at all.

Okay, I just changed it to an RPG.
Originally I thought it was unfinished, but it's tons more finished than a lot of games on here, and also it turns out I checked "work in progress" instead of "ready for release."
I was just very confused.

I do not work in any capacity for Quest, but please remember two things. One- everyone volunteers their time or most do anyway. And two, no matter how hard you worked on your game and you think it is the second coming of IFs, please remember MOST people do not play them.

Also remember that Quest, as much as we love and adore it, is still not well known and or used yet outside this circle. And also not everyone likes Pokemon. I hate it personally. I can't stand those things. So saying you only have a few plays is not Quest's fault in my opinion. Nor is it your fault. You just have to understand the nature of IFs in general.

I suggest you advertise to all your friends and family about your game, on other forums (with out spamming them or breaking any rules) and on your other accounts like Facebook and what not. But the few people that come here presently compared to other websites in general (correct me if I am wrong) may not be interested in your game or are pouring through the assortment of games already out.

I apologize for holding up the other games. I published two games at once, thinking it wouldn't harm anything now there's a 16 unpublished games hold up! Sorry!

Yeah, I REALLY apologize for publishing two games at once. But I didn't know what was going on.

The guys must be on vacation, probably.

There are maybe 2-3 people who place games from uncategorized to wherever they belong and it is not a full time job and it pays nothing. Just throwing that out there...

And I might as well throw this out there too...

Nevermind, apparently 18 games got published last night. Okay.....

*cough By the way, my fing game was only to be slightly ammended. I had hoped it would get a dual category, Adult-RPG, it's now in the sandpit category. I have seen 1 Adult -Fantasy game, and I forgot what the other 2 multiple game category games were. I hope this is not an issue.

It's literally only had 2 more plays since I last published, and the second one was me.

I'm pretty sure this is the case with most of our games, especially in the beginning. It is true in my case, anyway. And I don't really think the quality of the game effects it much at first, either, because when my games DO get reviews, they are 5 star reviews.

Even Pixie's Quest only gets about 2 plays per day (or per week), and we marketed the [expletive deleted] out of that game. We got good feedback from the beta testers, and we ("we" being XanMag, Dark Lizerd, and myself) believe it to be a well put together and enjoyable game.

If you were to look at the Editor's Picks games' play and download counts on a daily basis, you would find that those games only get about 5 to 10 plays per day (unless they are in an active competition, in which case the numbers are closer to 50 - 200 plays per day (estimated)).

As others in this thread have pointed out, IF is not the most popular thing in the world.

If you got 1 play that wasn't you, that should be considered a good thing, especially with an incomplete game.

I just changed it to an RPG.

So, is it completed, and no longer a work in progress?

Originally I thought it was unfinished, but it's tons more finished than a lot of games on here

Oh. So the answer is "no". It is still a work in progress, but the player will be expecting a completed RPG. This may not bode well when it comes to your game's reviews and comments.

If I were you, I'd switch it back to "Work in Progress" until it is, in fact, no longer a work in progress. This would avoid unwanted confusion.

now there's a 16 unpublished games hold up

How did you come by this information? And how would 2 unpublished games lead to a 16 game pile-up?

I don't think this was your fault, jmne.

I bet there were just quite a few games submitted within a small amount of time, and it takes the few volunteers we have on this site a little time to sift through them all.

had hoped it would get a dual category, Adult-RPG, it's now in the sandpit category.

I've never seen a dual category category.

I have seen 1 Adult -Fantasy game

Post a link, just to satisfy my curiosity.

and I forgot what the other 2 multiple game category games were.


Post a link, just to satisfy my curiosity.

Cannot for the life of me remember what that game was. I thought it was a giantess shrinking game with magic, or something.

This is better, though, more suited to you, I guess, and it's the category I want.

Richard, I typed in unbirth (do not google) into the search thing by curiosity, but your game, Reor's Bush Cave, was the first result. I don't think that's right!

Well, that game definitely has 2 categories, so that link was just as good as the other would have been.

I wonder how they did that.

Reor's Bush Cave was the first result

The search thing brought that up? I thought I unlisted that game...


Yeah, that game is unlisted.

But I just searched that term you mentioned and it does bring it up first in the list. Hrmm... Don't ask me! There is definitely no unbirthing (whatever that is) in Reor's Bush-cave.

How did you come by this information?

There is a category on the main page called uncategorized. I understand if you hadn't seen it, it's near the bottom, and it might be new.

Well, I'll be damned if I don't learn something new every day!

I think the guys who check the games can assign extra categories, so maybe if a game looks adult, they can add that.

If an unlisted game is coming up in a search, I would say that is a bug. It may be because it was previously listed, and the index did not get updated.

I can place games and I do not have the option to place in two categories, just one. So I have no idea how that happened.

It may be because it was previously listed

It was previously listed, so that is probably the case.

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