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Given that we can see the last 50 messages we received, could we also see the last 50 we sent?


No answers yet?



I think this is already being considered. (Everyone requested this around a month ago.)


All your suggestions are considered and taken into account, if we think they are viable, they will arrive, what we do not know how to say is when, but everything is taken into consideration.


The old thread has been closed; that's why I opened a new one.

I was fixing to make a thread on the messenger but I guess I'll just hijack this one instead.

On other forums, when you receive a message from someone, you can click their name and be taken to their profile. That isn't the case here and in fact to find the profile it would seem I have to come to the forum and click on threads at random and hope one of them contained a post from that person.

...which eventually worked out considering it was a fairly prominent member, but if this had been a message from someone who never posted I'd have been left wondering who the heck they were.

If there is some kind of general member search option for the entire site, I haven't found it.


I search for their name in the forum search thingy at the bottom of the forums page.

The search is pretty awful, though. I search for my own username in there and it brings up posts I made over 10 years ago but nothing I've made more recently. Searching for Marzipan brings up various links to recipes for marzipan.

Does anyone else wish this place still had a proper forum? I only check in from time to time, but when I do I'm amazed at just how bad it still is. Are there any plans to improve it or is this the sorry state the Quest site is going to remain in?

Newsflash, people: Alex is gone. You don't have to stick this forum.

+David W
Quest is constantly being updated. The current messaging system has only started a few months ago when Quest 5.7 came out.
Sure Alex is gone (and I've been here a few months, so I've never talked to him), but there are still people willing to help other people, and still people that actually want to have fun.

Also, what do you mean by "stick this forum"?

I do agree we need a better messaging system, a better search system, and maybe a favorite games list. It will come in time.

Sorry, I meant stick "with" this forum.

If you've only been here a short amount of time, you probably don't remember there used to be a much better forum here. It had a very good messenger system, member profiles, signatures, post counts, member lists, looked a heck of a lot better... and then Alex just decided to get rid of it and replace it with the mess you have now. Bland, uninteresting, lifeless. You can't even see who's online now or who's in charge or find a history of their posts. The changes pretty much killed any interest I had in Quest and I know I'm not the only one.

In a year, the only improvement I've seen to the forum is the addition of a very basic messenger service, which still leaves it miles behind the old forum in terms of functionality. I hoped that in time the new forum might improve so it was as good as the old one, but it doesn't look like that's the case.

'A normal forum that does everything a forum is supposed to do, see: every forum on every site ever' is still #1 on my wish list and probably what I'd need to ever seriously want to get involved with the site again. I still have no idea why the perfectly functional one we had was scrapped but even if it's still got a long way to go, finally getting messages again was a HUGE step forward. (Unfortunately that did nothing to bring back all the conversations that were vaporized with the creation of this one and all the snippets of code and links to useful posts I'd sent myself...)

Each board is just this spartan list of thread titles without names attached, no author, nothing about who posted last. Can't tell who's active at a glance, and the search box might as well be useless if all it does is pull up a jumble of Google links. All I want is to be able to find a user's profile or latest posts. I've never been on a forum that doesn't do these things. The goal of the original redesign as far as I can tell was to disconnect everyone, depersonalize everything, end all person to person communication? Even the ability for something as basic and necessary as communicating with a proofreader before publishing a game was like, surgically excised. But that seems so directly contradictory to supporting a community it still doesn't sit right with me and it bugs me a lot it was never rolled back.

I hate to keep complaining about this but I really, really liked this place and was putting quite a bit of work into reviews etc. as well as my game in progress and spent an embarrassing amount of time trying to learn all the coding stuff. And now even though I have painstakingly clicked on many, many threads to confirm that people I like are still around and try to get some idea of what they've been posting about I'm still left with this total feeling of disconnect.

Again, I know I'm not the only one here who hated the change. And 'a normal forum' really doesn't seem like that unreasonable a thing to want. Any community basically IS the forum for me and so yes, it does kind of get to me this one's been left in this state for so long when there was absolutely nothing wrong with it before.

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