New PC, Windows 10, cannot install Quest 5.8.0.

This error shows up when I try to install: "The system cannot find the path specified."

I am really sorry I can´t give more info about this problem but this is all I got.

It will probably be trying to install to c:\Program Files (x86). Do you have such a folder on your PC? It might also want to set up a "Quest Games" folder in c:\users\<username>\documents so check that one too. And check the HOME environment variable is set to c:\users\<username> so it can find that folder.

Do you have any strange characters in your user name? Have you successfully installed other software?

Yes I have strange characters in my username, "Sebastián (and my IRL surname)" with a lot of "ý" and "č" characters.

I installed other software with no issues but that was just games and all of those were handled by Steam.

I noticed that there is no Users folder in Documents so I created a shortcut that leads to the Users folder which is located in C folder. (Documents folder is located in This PC but not in C, I have to admit I am confused by this structure a bit)

And I even removed all strange characters from my username, still the problem persists.

I will try to set the Windows 10 home variable, after I figure out how...
I have found where the settings are and I see no HOME variable so I am creating my own with the path set to c:\users<MY username and it still doesn´t work... hmm

Huh, such a simple thing as moving the installer into the Program c:\Program Files (x86) fixed the issue.

older computers used 32 bit memory (x86) and I guess quest uses this too... as it works in the 32 bit (x86) memory bit program folder

whereas new computers either:

just have 64 bit memory (x64): can not (I think) run 32 bit software


both 64 bit (x64) and 32 bit (x86) with separate program folders for them:

64 bit: program files folder: 64 bit software needs to go (be installed) here
32 bit: program files (x86) folder: 32 bit software needs to go (be installed here

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