Do away with the 60 day deactivation of threads.

Is it a server memory issue?

I support this suggestion. An explanation of why the restriction is in place would be helpful, even if no change can be made. Some extension to the time a topic is 'open' would also be useful.

Could you write a PN to manowar? Perhaps he can remove it. And you can ask him to become a moderator, too.

If you mean threads are locked after two months of inactivity, I can explain it based on my experience as a moderator elsewhere. This is necessary to combat spam, since it reduces the number of threads a spambot can post in. And it also prevents people from necro-ing lots of threads and hogging the front page of each category with discussions that ended long ago. Which will happen a lot otherwise (sometimes by accident, sometimes not), making the forum less useful for everyone.

Thanks felixp7, that's a reasonable argument for the status quo. I'm happy!

Pertex, on the question of becoming a moderator, I sent a message to manowar on Wednesday but no immediate reply. Has anyone been in touch with him recently? I didn't get any response to an email in August (on a different matter) but assumed he just didn't like what I was proposing!...which may also be the case here!!

If there is no time limit 60 day deactivation just like other websites' forums, there will be some popular people hogging the top threads, he will keep replying or mentioning other people so they reply until it is like a long chit chat.
I actually do not understand why they do this, maybe so they could advertise something if they hog the top threads?

But generally, not seeing these sort of top threads is good because i can see new ideas, new discussions and new people.

I think the problem with the locking is that most of the threads on here are questions about how to do something.

When I've been frustrated by the restriction, it's usually because I've figured out a better solution. Or someone links to an older thread, making me realise that the answer at the end of the thread is either incorrect or incomplete.


Nov 3, 2018 9:22 PM

I see threads left unanswered or something that could be added later as we all learn new things

*from closed thread

Maybe we could have something like "trusted users"? People who have been members for x days and made at least y posts can add to older threads, or something?

It looks like I will be taking over from manowar. I will take a look at what is involved (in theory it should be trivial, but I have no idea how the forum is run, not even what language it is written).

If issues arise, then I would change it back, but I cannot imagine what they might be.

I second RH!

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