Do away with the 60 day deactivation of threads.

Is it a server memory issue?

I support this suggestion. An explanation of why the restriction is in place would be helpful, even if no change can be made. Some extension to the time a topic is 'open' would also be useful.

Could you write a PN to manowar? Perhaps he can remove it. And you can ask him to become a moderator, too.

If you mean threads are locked after two months of inactivity, I can explain it based on my experience as a moderator elsewhere. This is necessary to combat spam, since it reduces the number of threads a spambot can post in. And it also prevents people from necro-ing lots of threads and hogging the front page of each category with discussions that ended long ago. Which will happen a lot otherwise (sometimes by accident, sometimes not), making the forum less useful for everyone.

Thanks felixp7, that's a reasonable argument for the status quo. I'm happy!

Pertex, on the question of becoming a moderator, I sent a message to manowar on Wednesday but no immediate reply. Has anyone been in touch with him recently? I didn't get any response to an email in August (on a different matter) but assumed he just didn't like what I was proposing!...which may also be the case here!!

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