Supporting Collaboration for Quest Games Developed Online

In the past I have provided technical support for a couple of game developers to help improve posted games. This works okay for games that are created offline, i.e. the developer sends me a copy of the game, I update it and send it back for uploading. For games developed online, however, although the game can be downloaded, there is no user facility to upload it again. Alex did this the one time it was needed. Can anyone in the support team do the same? ...or is there a better way to collaborate with developers?

I certainly cannot as I have no access to the web site it runs on. Others might.

There is always the off-site option for doing collaboration work.
Too bad there is not a easy way to create new forum section for group work.
Then it could be all done on just this one site.

+DarkLizerd Isn't there already a game collaboration like that? Something about puzzle games?


This may or may not be helpful, but I've got an account which I share with another creator (who doesn't have a Windows machine).

(We just have to be sure we're not both using the online editor at the same time! Otherwise, chaos ensues!)

We discussed just sharing our main accounts' passwords with each other, then changing the password later (if we deemed it necessary), but we decided that was a bad idea and set up the shared account.

Said Mac user has downloaded his .aslx file from the CREATE page and sent it to me before, too. Then, I just sent him the bit of code I changed back so he could paste it into the Code View for the individual scripts online. This doesn't always work, though. A Switch script threw an error 100 times when pasting it into Code View, but it worked fine when I set up the same exact script, one case at a time, via the GUI. So, that's iffy too...

@jmnevil54... Shhhh!!!! (it's a secrete... or it was... HA HA ha... )


Whatever you do, don't tell them about the secret command that gives the player s


...and RH slowly fades away...You can't click this!You can't click this either!


Did you ever find that paper you had the CloneObject script you were so proud of written on, or do you think that other guy you were talking about got it?


Sorry, I got off topic!

I was actually trying to be helpful earlier in this thread, though...

So anyways, there was a game. Something on Twitter or github, I was too lazy to pay attention.

Thanks for the feedback! I think I'll just settle for helping others by providing a detailed list of suggestions.

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