We need a way to import .aslx files to the online editor.

Right now, the only way to edit an aslx file is by using the windows version of Quest. That's fine for everyone that uses Windows, but not great if you want to use any other operating system. While the devs have stated the possibility of a OS X/Linux version of Quest in the future, the browser version is already cross-platform by nature. This would also allow people to edit a file in different computers, Windows or not, without having to download the file every time.

This topic has come up in the past and one of the biggest concerns people have raised is that there are features in the Windows editor that aren't available in the online editor. I doubt that would break games imported into the online editor, they just couldn't be edited through that platform. Even if importing to the online editor would break the game, I don't think it would be hard to only import the parts compatible with the online editor. They use the same base engine and the same version of Quest, so only minor changes would have to be made.

If the devs see this, please implement a way to upload .aslx files to the online editor. It would be a huge quality of life improvement for anyone who has a saved aslx file that they want to use to make a game. Thank you.

Given the recent advances to Quest 6 - it's now functional, code-view editor is more or less complete to my knowledge, a basic version of a hopefully improving 5 to 6 converter is up, we're just lacking the classic Quest style GUI Editor - I don't see this getting much focus, especially as Quest 6's desktop version should work on anything.

I think. That's the point, yeah?

Quest 6 sounds perfect except for the fact that I have absolutely no idea where to download it. The main Quest download page still uses 5, and I've hunted around on the site for a way to download Quest 6. No dice. Even if I knew, the only way to move a project from computer to computer would have to be some kind of cloud storage (that or emailing it to yourself.) The ability to open a tab in your web browser, log in, and start working seems a damn sight more convenient than sending your save files to yourself every time you want to work on a different device. I can't imagine porting a game from an engine to literally the same goddamn engine would be this difficult.

Quest 6 is still in development, but you can download it here:

Thanks mattgmr. I appreciate the link and I'll definitely use it.

That said, I think the point of the post went over your head. This isn't about me wanting to make Quest games on a Mac, its about the devs not making this god-forsaken engine compatible with itself. itself. The online editor is extremely convenient and cross-platform and all that I need is just a full code view in the browser editor. That would let me ctrl+c ctrl+v the source code into the editor and done. For how much potential it has, the browser editor seems horribly neglected. As I said before, it cannot be that hard to make a feature that loads a file type that the editor already uses. Quest 6 is still in development and probably will be for a while, so why not get a head start on cross-compatibility? This just seems like a feature so basic it could be used to unclog drains.

Sorry if I come across as rude, I just have high quantities of salt in my veins that this isn't a thing.

That sounds like a wonderful programming project for a salty veined plumber and one that will be well appreciated. Good luck.

Matt. Your intentions are great. I appreciate them. And if I had any idea how it could be done, I'd start work right away. The entire point of this post, however, is that you can't upload games to this website. There's no way to upload anything to the online editor, and that's not exactly something I can fix with my own software unless there's something obvious I'm missing. Best I can to is to ask the devs and hope they implement it.

:-) There is only one dev and he is working on Q6. So there will be no extensions for Q5 any more

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