Why did I never saw my game on the front page?

Was there an influx of new games when I made mine, because I never saw mine on the front page? Or are those just the "professional" new games?

Just wondering.

I would guess the mods looked at a bunch of games all at once so in effect there was a whole bunch released at one time.

This does seem a problem, thinking about it, but i do not know any way around it (and the web site is not under my control so nothing i can do...).

I'm just guessing, but it looks like maybe updates don't count as releases?

It says "11 days ago" on the RPG page...



(Again, I'm just guessing .)

Your game is on my 'to-play' list, too, by the way.

@The Pixie and K.V. Thanks to you both.

@K.V. I hope you enjoy it. Is there really a playlist?

Is there really a playlist?

Nah, sorry.

I just have a list of games I plan to play listed in a text document.

Although, that would be nice to have. They have it on IFDB, and I can see that people are planning to play my game. A user has to check the 'I've played it' box before I see any feedback in that department, though.

I prefer this site to IFDB, hands down, at any rate.

I can totally do without an online wishlist.

How often do the moderators check out our games? Mine is still uncategorised.

  1. I think you are supposed to message someone about that after 2 days.

  2. Wrong thread.



Is it this game?


If so, somebody was on top of it. (I had faith in them!)

K.V. Hey, yeah that's the one. It was put out not long ago.

Thanks! :)

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