Problems with logging in via Google account

So far I really enjoy this site and overall Quest but there is one issue that keeps coming back. As the title suggests, I chose to create an account using my google account and I use 4 or 5 different devices to log in to this site (at home, on the go, friends home). The following problem occurs constantly:

When I'm logged off and click to log in (the purple button on the top right) I get asked how to log in, I choose Google. My 2 accounts are shown, I click the first one as usual and I'm asked for my password. I click confirm and instead of loggin me in it puts me back to my 2 Google accounts to choose from. And so it repeats itself over and over again. I deleted all my browser data, passwords, autofill, etc etc. closed Chrome, reopend, tried again to log in and it works. I don't get it.
I use my Google accounts on several different sites, everythings fine, except here. I don't want to keep deleting all my browserdata everytime I use a different device to have access to use the forum properly.

If anyone maybe had the same trouble, found a solution i really would like to hear/read it, please.

Hello karg!

I'm tryed to logging using Google and dont have any problem. Works fine for me, Do you tell me the browser used? Can you try with any other browser?


The last two days (after I managed to log in) I was able to keep it that way even so I'm using different devices. Weird but most of the time the problem is the user not the application, right? Haha.

I'm using Google Chrome btw. and I will try a different browser, thanks for the hint.

  1. stop using chrome. it's not only buggy, but google uses it to track every single thing you do, and chrome does that very well. It remembers the data, sends the data to google, and then shows you ads for stuff you've looked at, at every opportunity. It also nannys you, won't allow you to install plugins that aren't google approved (I.e. someone paid google money to have in the google play store).

  2. get a copy of firefox for your devices and use that.

Is there anything out there, that won't track my data to sell me stuff these days? For my laptop i got an adblock plugin, works fine. No ads nowhere.

I used firefox for quite some time several years ago and kept getting different kinds of errors on some websites I regularly used, wasn't able to get rid of the problem so I switched to chrome in the end. As for the data send to google. I don't care. We are transparent as hell these days and firefox won't change that. But for the sake of using this forum I might come back to it, who knows, haha.

So far, firefox seems to work for me just fine. Still no idea why chrome won't do what I want but I don't have the time and energy to look into it more detailed. As long as firefox won't let me down, i guess I'm ok with it.

well, there's still the issue of using google's search engine as well... even if someone tried to give good competition to google on search engines... they're all invaders of our privacy, tracking everything you do, and lots of them privately surrender to the government, not fighting government/law-enforcement/courts/etc seeking information on people, while publically they say they're defenders of your privacy.

unfortunately, to be as private as possible, you really have to be a hacker, knowing how the computer and internet (networking) work inside and out, understanding how to use darknet, spoofing ips, illegally using someone else's computer or many others' computers (bot nets), and etc hacking (computer/networking/etc) knowledge.

true, but you don't have to aid google in their spying by using their primary spyware known as chrome.

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