Ban Hammer list

Luis can you ban agariogames (hope I’ve spelt it right) for spamming threads with external links to non IF adverts. Cheers.

I've been removing the spams I find. Annoying.

Me too. But we don’t have the powers to ban repeat annoyances, or any mechanism available of signaling to those with the power to do so. So I thought this thread might serve that purpose. Public so others can object if they wish.

Alainscott2 selling passports and drugs

Deleted. Thanks!

attiq112 ist spamming

camike is spamming.

mitchelsamuel61 is spamming.

Skarnisk please, can you tell me camike and mitchelsamuel61 spamming?

Someone already removed their posts, so I can't point you to them.

Ok, thanks!

I deleted the posts. Should I wait for the okay or just keep deleting spam as I see them?

No XangMag, you are able to delete post under your moderator criteria when you deem it appropriate, it is not necessary to wait for any ok, unless it is a controversial issue.


Do you want us to post the names of spammers for you to delete or is that unnecessary? Normally spammers only post once or twice

If you can tell me the names better, so I can eliminate them if I do not have them controlled. Thank you



Another spammer: Robertmartin

New one: ektagarg


(ThePixie got it...)

Any way you could delete the crap that isn’t a “review” in the news feed, particularly the comments from Ora271 and Jude B?

It just pushes relevant comments and reviews deep into the news feed.

Just seen another one: sierrazoe.

And one more: positivelifeclippings.


Thanks to everyone.



kravekratom for spamming

Spammer: dalogumix

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