Getting Quest 5.7 certified

The Pixie

Quest 5.7 is nearly ready for release, but I have hit an issue which I thought I would offer for discussion. This is only about the desktop version.

When you install software on a Windows PC you get a "User Account Control" message, asking you to confirm that you really want to install it. This has a friendly form, which you will see if you install Quest 5.6, and a scary form, with bright orange and a warning triangle, saying the publisher is untrusted.

Alex was certified as an open source developer with Certum, originally for free, recently for €14. I would have no problem paying that, but now Certum are charging €135 (including a USB reader). Another company will do it for $84 apparently, but still not a trivial amount. I had no idea I would have to pay that sort of money to keep Quest going (and neither did Alex!). There are also various hoops to jump through to prove I am me.

So I could ask for donations. I have a suspicion that would get the money with no problem, but that would involve setting up some way to donate, so more hassle.

Or not bother. Does it matter if it has the scary warning? I doubt most of the regulars here would worry, but the real issue is how it will impact on new users. I would guess most people try the web version first, and I imagine that would help build trust.

Do I release 5.7 with the scary warning and see how it goes and look at a better solution for 5.8 if it seems to have a bad impact (and how do we measure that)?


Just go with the scary warning and ask the web admin to update the blurb on the download page giving people a heads up about it.
Obvs I'd donate if you decide to go that route.




I'd definately post this information on the website (explain the situation with the money needed to be 'officially trusted/certified' and explain what the 'officially trusted/certified' is even about, and how it relates to the person's computer's UAC warning), and just go with the non-trusted/certified, and see if it becomes an issue of people worrying about not having that 'trusted/certified' official-label/guarantee, and if it does... then can go about how to pay/fund it... if you don't mind the hassle of it...


Is/does Quest 5.7 have better error messaging???
At least a line number for an error message???

I just used Outlook as a spell checker to correct my bad spelling...
Between correcting description misspelling, and a cat that likes to walk on my keyboard...
I now got the dreaded...
"failed to load game due to the following errors:
Error: Object reference not set to an instance of an object"
I assume that means I have a room exit to a room that does not exist...
or something similar...
(somewhere in 500 lines of code!!!)

The Pixie

I think we have a solution (thanks to Luis).

DarkLizerd, some error messages are improved, in particular in the text processor. However, this update does not change the underlying C# or Visual Basic, as I have yet to get my head round that. When you find the error, let me know what caused it, so I can reproduce it and perhaps sort it for 5.8.


I know VB....
Any chance I could help there?
I've re-read every line 3 times... nothing seems to be out of place.

The Pixie

You need to know .NET, using C# and VB. If you do, then sure! They is a guide to getting going here:

To trouble-shoot, I would back up your game, then cut chunks out of it. Delete the commands, and see if it will load. Delete a few rooms, and see if it will load. Delete a few more. Etc. Then delete functions. Each step you need to also delete any reference to the things you delete, eg exits goings to the rooms you are deleting. Eventually you should find it loads okay, and you will know it was in the bit you just deleted.


Sorry... just VB6... Never dove into
And thanks, I'll try "deleting" exits and find out that way...


I think I may have found it...
"white spaces"
Space= h20
but outlook inserted "other white spaces" that replaced h20...
IE: hc2 ha0
can't see them, but they trip-up quest...
I will need some time to replace all the spaces to see if that works...


Either the white spaces was the issue, or a room that got deleted...
Between coping and pasting between 2 copies of my game, I got it working again....

The Pixie

Good (though it wouldf have been useful to know exactly what caused it).


I think, if Quest would have loaded my game, despite the error, I may have noticed the missing room...
Could that feature be added to Quest 5.8???


I'd just go with the scary warning, and tell newcomers not to freak out about it.

The Pixie

We may well be going for the scary warning. I have been trying to get a certificate from KSoft/Comodo, and after paying the money, they are now demanding certified copies of my passport, utilities bill and phone bill, and also to register my company with Dun and Bradstreet.

ETA: In fairness to KSoft, they responded quickly admitting that Comodo had "made the individual validation requirements very difficult" and have refunded my money.

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