Spammer Invasion

Just to alert Man-of-War or Pixie or whomever is in charge, there's some really bad spamming going on in the General Discussion forum...

I removed all spam messages. These spammers should be deleted:

Pertex, you are the worlds newest SUPER HERO!!!

Thank you! From the bottom of my heart, THANK YOU!!!

another spammer: worldmicroblading

Pertex, you are the worlds newest SUPER HERO!!!

And that’s what I get for getting up late today - a chance at super heroism. Blast you, Pertex!

"Jack-Jack has POWERS!!!"

"And XanMag! Don't forget XanMag!" I shouted that at the movie theater. I really did.


(To be honest, I've shouted at the movie theater a few times. My mom was not happy.)

Users deleted. Thanks Pertex.


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