How do games end up uncategorized?

I thought the switch in submitting a game was to keep games from ending up in the uncategorized pile. It has gone WAY down since I have been placing games but there still seem to be a big chunk that fall in on occasion. Don't get me wrong... I enjoy testing and playing games, but nearly all of them that end up uncategorized are... well... (pardon me while I spin-doctor this...) lacking quality for a text adventure/CYOA.

I don't know if I am actually looking for an answer here or just venting? Probably the latter.

I thought that was what the sandpit and the WIP categories were for? Plus, there are people that publish their games just to share a link, or publish games and then quit the project entirely. I myself have more uncategorised games than categorised games, counting the ones that aren't public.

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